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Leigh-Anne Pinnock (b.October 4, 1991) is a singer from High Wycombe [insp]

"I honestly think it was fate. The moment we stepped foot onto the stage at boot camp, and we performed together for the first time as a group, I looked around and I thought, ‘this is what I’ve been missing all my life.’ It sounds cheesy, but it’s true."

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“Firework is the most important song I’ve written for me.”

Happy 21st birthday Niall Horan

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Anti bullying songs x Snapchat

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Rest in peace Simone Battle

June 17, 1989 - September 5, 2014

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Nicki Minaj is actually one of my favorite people.

I watched like 5 minutes of American Idol, and this kid was….not so good. While everyone else was laughing at him, she comforted him, told him to come to the desk and held his hand as she told him that even though singing might not be his forte, he could do so much because he’s young and full of life. And has a lot of guts going on the show. Then she gave him a hug.

Seriously I don’t understand how people hate her????

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Roar’s Music Video, 5 sept 2013.

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Got bored so i decided to write down Katy’s fragrances

Little Mix confession by anonymous
“Wings being Vevo Certified with 100 million views is so amazing. Little Mix are the FIRST international girlgroup to be certified, FIRST modern girlgroup to be certified since 2008, FIRST British girlgroup to be certified, and it’s the quickest certification for a girlgroup.”